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Mon, May 5 6:30 pm Free

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Faith Community Unites to Take Action on Mental Health, Unemployment

2,000 community members from 26 congregations assemble to urge local leaders to take action regarding the serious community problems of mental health and unemployment.

On Monday, May 5th the IMPACT Organization will hold the largest public meeting of the year at John Paul Jones Arena, beginning at 6:30pm. 2,000 community members from 26 congregations will seek public commitments to solutions that the group has researched. Mental Health IMPACT members discovered that 376 students in our public schools have seriously considered suicide. While not all of these kids need psychiatric care, those kids in crisis who do wait an average of 3 months to be seen by a psychiatrist at Region Ten; during this wait their crises continue. At the Nehemiah Action 2,000 community members are seeking to help Region Ten prioritize reducing this wait time. IMPACT members will be seeking clarity on what practical steps can be taken by Region Ten to expand the hours of child psychiatry they offer in order to reduce the time that families must wait. Unemployment The faith community continues in their efforts to create better opportunities for young adults in the community. There are currently over 3,000 unemployed young adults in greater Charlottesville. There are thousands more who are living paycheck-≠‐to-≠‐paycheck working poor and cannot provide for their families. They cannot get suitable jobs in the areaís #1 growth industry-≠‐ healthcare-≠‐ because of barriers to training such as the high costs of tuition, childcare and transportation. According to a Georgetown University Study, just one year of post-≠‐high school training is the tipping point between poverty and the middle class. The faith community proposes to fill this gap between those who need the jobs (but cannot afford training) and the employers who need a trained local workforce. Those gathered at John Paul Jones Arena will ask for commitments and seek clarity on UVaís development of a program that can remove these barriers to education and employment. Media Contacts: Robert Bayer & Dorothy Jordan, Co-≠‐Presidents Sheila Herlihy, Chair, Mental Health Research Committee (434) 977-≠‐3022 IMPACT leaders will be available for interviews from 5:00-≠‐5:30pm on Monday, May 5th at John Paul Jones Arena. About IMPACT IMPACT is an interfaith, grassroots organization committed to empowering local leaders to identify and develop solutions to address serious community problems that are important to our constituents. IMPACTís 25 diverse member congregations represent over 15,000 people and draw from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Unitarian Universalist faith traditions. What makes IMPACT unique from the 700+ other non-≠‐profits in greater Charlottesville is that we harness the collective power of thousands of people within our congregations, which allows us to work on a systemic, policy level to transform our community.

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